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the zazaam


Felicia Flake is about energy, the energy that motivates us and connects us, that’s The Zazaam Factor! The Zazaam Factor is about the energy that flows from trainer to client, its a synergy that flows through us all as we connect through the workout process, because Fab workouts are about more than just physical results, Felicia provides the emotional support and motivation to help you achieve success!


Fab workouts are designed to meet the individual needs of her clients. We live fast paced lives juggling work, family, education and trying to have a social life. We all need support when it comes to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, and that’s why you need Felicia Flake in your life!

This 2 time American Ninja Warrior and U.S. Combat Veteran is exactly what your workout has been missing. Felicia will kick your butt into gear, motivate you to no end, but most importantly she will only set you up for success.

Felicia knows that ‘every body’ is different, and that every workout has to be individualized, this is the personal touch that we all need to be able to reach our workout goals!



Let’s be honest, when it comes to working out most of us are easily overwhelmed. For those of us who don’t typically lead active lifestyles, the world of gyms, personal trainers, and meal planning can be way too much to think about, or navigate through.


What we need is the Soulfit Matchmaker, someone who recognizes that we are each individuals, that our bodies react and respond differently, and that we will each achieve our unique goals as individuals.

Felicia Flake has established herself as that person, the personal trainer who bases her success on the success of her clients.

“When I see my students achieve their personal goals it’s priceless! Their self-esteem improves, their mental clarity, their focus, their energy level increases, and their smile has life in it. They start to feel excited about life and that’s important to me as their coach”. - Felicia Flake.

fab kinetic bands

Fab Resistance Training with Kinetic Bands, and Leg Resistance Bands: Take sports conditioning and athletic performance to a higher level; run faster, jump higher, get stronger, increase flexibility, improve balance and endurance. Exercise with Fab Kinetic Bands to get fit, stay in shape, or burn calories and fat. We can help you reach your sports performance and fitness training goals!

Our lower body resistance bands are easy to use, very affordable and allow athletes of all ages and abilities to improve their skills and athletic performance. Healthy minded people can get fit, stay in shape or lose weight. They are safe, compact and can be used anywhere… at home, the office, or while practicing your specific sport and all without changing your normal routine. Fab Kinetic Bands complement any workout routine or weight loss program.

group classes

The Fab Experience Class

Mon-Thurs 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am

Mon-Thurs 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30pm

$135 a month for classes also

includes group accountability.

**All classes are held at

2020 Gause Blvd. West 

Suite 104

Slidell, La. 70460

Register by sending an

email to 

or text to 985-774-5885

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